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Sissy Fuck Hole Barbie Bimboification Brainwashing

YOU: Pantied, plugged, fucked, cock sucking sissy bimbo. Me:  Controls your sissy clit with mocking, encouraging, loving sing song brainwashing & complex triggers  CERTAIN to turn you into My simpering Barbie bitch.  100 % FUCKED UP. No effects. 17 minutes Listen with headphones for extra audio treats.

Mistress Gigi's Financial Domination

Financial Domination & Humiliation Mp3 Game

You’re going to lube up that cock and play My little game. If you squirt and miss, you pay Me. If you squirt and ‘win’, you pay Me. Either way, I WIN and you lose. Every. Single. Time.  Serious debasement required.  10 minutes +

Mistress Forced oral

You Have No Choice, You MUST SUCK COCK

The more you jerk, the more you think about rock hard cock cumming in your mouth, the more you think about hot erections erupting in your mouth, the more you must jerk.


The cycle never ends.

22 minutes. Two versions, one with effects and one without.

Beta Males Service BBC

Drop To Your Knees and Worship Your BBC Masters

Black men should be served and serviced by beta males. All white men are betas. You need BBC to stretch you open, spurt it’s hot load over your lips, and to take you by force. White masculinity is pathetic and you CAN’T get off without BBC. Your sexual desire is being warped.

Fetishes: BBC, forced-bi, blow jobs, anal, race play, inferiority, Hypnosis, Brain Washing. 20 minutes Two versions included one with effects and one without.

Sissy bound and forced to eat cum

Bound Sissy’s Cum Eating Transformation

Bound, teased, and strapon fucked by a group of devastatingly beautiful FemDoms including someone TOTALLY off limits…

until now…

Fetishes: strap-on fucking, forced cum eating, feminization and gender transformation. 20 + minutes

Shemale FemDom gangbang

Female & Shemale Gangbang: 7 Perfect Babes Lure You Into FORCED ORAL & ROUGH & HUMILIATING STRAP ON SEX

I lure you into the bathroom at HOT SEXY SWEATY dance club by insinuating that you will be allowed to POUND MY PERFECT ASS… but THE TRUTH is that YOU will be BOUND and FORCED TO PERFORM ORAL ON SHEMALES, ASSAULTED with STRAPON COCKS while SEVEN FEMALE & SHEMALE BABES LAUGH AT YOU! 20 minutes

BBC forced on sissy by a FemDom bitch

Get Cum Dumb For BIG Black Dick: Sissy Brainwashing

It’s time to begin your training at Sissy School.

Brainwashing you into becoming a bimbo sissy whore without a thought in her head is remarkably easy and fast. And then you are assaulted with a tantalizing array of visuals, suggestions, and subliminal triggers.

Fetishes: cock sucking, forced bi, BBC, panties and stockings, glory hole encouragement. 21 + minutes long

Femdom Forcedbi Revenge

Forced Bi Revenge: Screw Me Over and PREPARE TO BE FUCKED

I contracted you to do some work for me and you got a little greedy and WAY  overcharged me. I lead you on and when the job is over I invite you out to have a celebration drink at the local dive. The local GAY dive bar. You thought you were going to get to fuck Me… but all you got was FUCKED!  9 + minutes

Femdom Mistress Strapon Training

Mistress Strapon Training: Worship and Devotional Brainwashing Audio

Learn to LOVE, CRAVE, LUST AFTER, NEED My Strapon Cock. You’ll become a greedy bitch bottom for My  dick. Fantastic conditioning for any submissive. 15 + minutes

Femdom Humiliation

FemDom Humiliation: For Jerk Off Junkie Queers To Listen To While They Watch Fag Porn

you’re addicted to FAG porn… and I’m going to laugh at your HOMO HABITS and your sad parody of heterosexuality WHILE you watch your fag porn! Ten minutes of pure femdom humiliation, laughing, teasing, and taunting for you to listen to as you jerk to images of faggots fucking other faggots. While this Mp3 is meant to be listened to while you watch your fag porn it can be used alone! 10 minutes

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