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Don’t Fight Your Nature, Sissy.

You’d be so much happier if you were licking, sucking, tonguing a huge Alpha cock while he groaned, so hard and dripping just for you. You’d be so much happier with cum dripping from your pink sissy mouth and your pink sissy asshole. You’d be so much happier spitting all over a rock hard COCK. Imagine how much happier you’d be getting pounded right now. Don’t fight what you need. You must have cock. You’d be so happy covered in cum. Don’t fight nature sissy, Give in. Fetishes: hypnosis, brainwashing, forced bi, sissification, feminization, cock sucking, anal sex, rimming 21 minutes 49 seconds

FemDom Hypnosis

Any Time Is A Good Time To Get Fucked. You Were Born to Bottom.

you MUST CHOKE ON THOSE DICKS. you NEED that jizz dripping out of your asshole. you MUST TAKE THIS HUGE LOAD. Open your ASSHOLE wide for dick. you NEED DOMINANT COCK. you LOVE it BAREBACK Themes: forced bi, blowjobs, rimming, anal bottom, humiliation, brainwashing, hypnosis



Three tracks  to PENETRATE your brain, thoughts like: I’m a cum craving whore. I want to get throat fucked. Skullfuck my throat. I want to be throat fucked. I need it. I must have cum. I am just a little cumpster. I must have cum. Fill my mouth with jizz”. And commands: “Stay home and jerk off to sissy porn for hours. Stop wasting your time with real women. Don’t you want to try dick, at least once? I know you do.”

A quick induction and optional post hypnotic suggestion.  22:41 minutes of  NASTY SISSY AUDIO PORN. Fetishes: BDSM, cock sucking, feminization, anal, panties, hypnosis, brainwashing


SHHHHHHH Shemale Lust: Need For Seed Tranny Brainwashing

You can’t stop thinking of HOT HARD RAGING SHEMALE DICK! You NEED SHEMALE COCKS SQUIRTING on your face, you NEED SHEMALE JIZZ dripping down your face, SHEMALE CUM dripping out of your asshole, you NEED white ropes of SEXY SHEMALE JIZZ cascading down your back, SHEMALE TITS bouncing up against your back as you are FUCKED HARD by SHEMALE COCK. You MUST feel the SHEMALE CUM sloshing around in your belly, because you’re ADDICTED to SHEMALE CUM.

You’re ADDICTED to SHEMALE CUM. You can’t help it. You’re not to blame. Just give in. You’re going to lose anyway. You’ve been hit with an incurable case of SHEMALE LUST. No induction, just good old fashioned brainwashing. 16 minutes


Brain Dumb. Drunk on Cum. (You’re a Total Fucking Faggot Bitch Now)

You’re such a fucking faggot. you wanna be on your knees, slurping, so why wait? Let that jizz drip all over your tongue, you fucking cock sucking whore. You find your value on your knees sucking a big dick, don’t you? Oh my GOD, you fucking LOVE it in your ass, in factv you never want to put your dick near a pussy.

You’re a total bottom now. Five tracks including one whisper track. Fetishes: forced bi, hypnosis, cock sucking, anal. 29:41 minutes


Creamy Sissy Panties

You’re shrinking inside your panties sissy…you can’t help it, the more you touch that little sissy wee-wee the smaller it gets! Sissy porn has ruined your brain! You keep having OOPSIES! I didn’t know you had such a cute little peepee! That silly little sissy clitty can’t even get hard without thinking about panties anymore, can it? you’re going to cream your panties..

You can’t avoid squirting in your little panties. you’re going to have an accident. Fetishes: panties, hands-free orgasm, humiliation, feminization, mind fuck. 28:49 minutes


Suck cocks. Swallow Cum. Become a Whore. (Sissy Brainwashing Mini)

It’s okay sissy… everyone knows who you want to be… I know who you want to be… the girl on her knees taking her knees. Once you start sucking a big cock, you’re never going to want to stop. Suck cocks. Swallow Cum. Become a Whore. Open your mouth. BEG FAGGOT. I KNOW YOU WANT THE DICK.

Become the sissy you want to be. No induction just 7 minutes of PURE SISSY COCK SUCKER BRAINWASHING


Sissy’s BBC Gang Bang: A Sissy is Brutalized and Fucked By A Dozen Bulls & Their Big Black Cocks

I wanted to make a porno… of a sissy being mauled, bruised, pounded, gagged, and brutally fucked by at least a dozen bulls with BIG BLACK COCKS. I wanted to see BBC cream running out of her asshole, smeared across her lips, dripping down her face, and splashed across her hair and every surface of her freshly waxed body.

So I placed two ads, bought a new camera, and made my movie. I hope you like it. 23 minute MP3.


Everyone KNOWS What A Fucking FAGGOT YOU ARE! Humiliation MP3

You think that you’ve been keeping your faggotry under wraps? Someone has got to punish your faggot holes, and who better than the men who thought they knew you? But that’s what you want isn’t it? To be exposed as a faggot queer? It’s getting your dick hard right now, isn’t it?

Well, buy yourself some maxi pads so that you can catch all the jizz that’s going to drip out of your hole. It’s time to expose your ass. 10:35

FemDom Humiliation mp3s

A Sissy’s Place is On Her Knees: Verbal Humiliation MP3

A sissy BELONGS on her knees. That little dribbling sissy clitty doesn’t belong within ten feet of a REAL woman’s pussy! your little tiny dicklette is always getting so red and stiff! Every time I talk about guys, your sissy clitty is standing tall. You’re going to have to practice your blow job skills sissy! Get on your knees- you belong there.

So get ready to feel that jizz sloshing around your tummy little sissy, it’s time to really fuck you up! 11:40 minutes

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