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Me When I See Dommes Under 25



This Mistress is NOT FINISHED RUINING Her FinDom Cash Slave ATM BOY

ATMBOY is late on all his bills, two mortgages behind, and had to cancel his trip to Aruba with his DARLING CUNT Wife, Laura. He even PAID ME to email Laura to tell her all about the MASSIVE DEBT that he’s wracked up being My FINDOM slave. That poor, pathetic cunt, Laura, didn’t even BELIEVE Me when I told her that her dear husband liked to dress up in her lingerie, wear and deface her high heels, drink his own urine (for Me, of course, NONE OF THESE WERE HIS IDEAS lol, yeah right) and a number of truly AWFUL things for Me.

She emailed Me back, asking Me to send her the damning pictures of him dressed up in her lingerie if I really had them but something told Me to hold off. I knew that Nick had charged up all his credit cards, took out cash advances, and very nearly wrecked his credit for Me. In less than three months he’s easily spent over $5,000 on Me.

Poor fucker sounded SO DEPRESSED when he called Me! HA HA HA well, guess who told Me he got a check for $1600 of refund money from the vacation he had to cancel?


Here are some pics! He’s going to beg Me tomorrow morning to take these down 🙂
Nick Lasala Laura Lasala 2

Nick Lasala Laura Lasala 1
Nick Lasalas Dick Belongs To Me


I Can Give You Want You Want (Access To My Queer Sexuality): FemDom Dance Mix

Sometimes I think that what all you really crave, what I really hold over you, is access to My Queer Mind and Queer Sexuality. I’m this uninhibited queerly sexual creature who holds the keys to this life that you think about when you close your eyes and fuck your wife.

No, I’m not saying you’re all cock suckers, although, side note, having access to so many straight cisgender men (that I’d NEVER talk to if this wasn’t My job) has taught Me that almost ALL “STRAIGHT MEN” want to suck dick.

Even those of you that are TOTALLY STRAIGHT still exist in a world where your biological sex seems to dictate the way you are SUPPOSE TO HAVE SEX. How many of you guys LOATHE or at best tolerate the obligation of having to be the top? I know, I know, cry Me a river, I feel SO SORRY FOR YOU GUYS. Well, not really cause you wield so much fucking power and privilege in the VANILLA WORLD, BUT most of you are fucking emotional cripples, so yeah, there’s the trade off. Too bad, so sad.

ANYWAY, I’ve been going out dancing lately to this club called Mustache Mondays. They always have THE BEST MUSIC. Dancing is My FAVORITE WORKOUT (SECOND ONLY TO STRAP ON, DUH) BY FAR. These songs all make Me FUCKING HORNY. Enjoy, maybe these songs will make you feel all hot and bothered too, although, you probably already are, or you wouldn’t be here… Anyway, here are some songs I’m pretty fucking fond of:

Sperm Hunter's Caged Cock

Faggot Sub Enters A Key Holding Arrangement With His FemDom, Mistress Gigi Lauren

One of My most devoted submissives has recently requested that I become his key holder. I have been a formal key holder only once before, and was excited by the prospect of completely controlling this man’s cock. His cock is no prize (by any measurement) but still, it is a lovely gesture. The key is still in it’s envelope and is sitting on my desk as I type this.

Now, this kind of servitude is very, very special. I would not agree to become just ANYONE’s Key Holder, but this fellow and I have gotten to know each other quite well via email and he has been a very big help to me by offering his skills and expertise and REALLY AND TRULY being of service to Me. As a dominatrix, I am OFTEN asked to be a man’s keyholder but the answer has only been, “Yes,” twice. Here are some photos Jerry sent Me. I’ll post more photos when I let him release for the first time.

Chastity of Mistress Gigi Lauren

A willing slave undergoes chastity in service of his Goddess.

Cuckold faggot slave services his Mistress with Chastity

Chastity for Dominatrix Mistress Gigi Lauren


Homewrecker and Divorce Fetish: Do You Recognize Your Husband’s Infantile Words and Penmanship, Laura?


What Nick Is Doing for Me Right Now

Money Pig Blackmail Fetish

Email To His Wife: When A Pay Pig’s When Blackmail Fetish Fantasy Is No Longer A Fantasy

Money Pig Blackmail Fetish

Money Pig Blackmail Fetish

This guy, My ATM PIG has been letting me flirt with his wife posing as an old high school friend. Just to be clear, it was NOT my idea to blackmail him. I made it EXPLICITLY clear that I don’t do REAL BLACKMAIL. That would be immoral, unethical, and put me into some serious karmic debt. It’s what witches call the threefold law. Whatever you put out into the world, you get back, times three. It’s not literal, it doesn’t mean some big bad dominatrix is going to dominate me into spending thousands in cash. . . but maybe it will mean I’ll let my fantasies or passive agression get the best of me. I hope not. I hope it means that some brave soul will walk up and make my deepest, darkest fantasies come true. Good thing that my fantasies aren’t as fucking self-destructive as this fools. Okay, on to the good part:

Today I am going to send this letter (of course, unless he’s the pays the fine)

Pay the fee if you don’t want me to send this Nick. Oh, but you’re so fucked up, first you paid me to write it, then you paid me to send it, then you paid me not to send it and now you want to pay to hear me send it again. . . Am I screwing with your head much? Do you think? Oh,  I know it’s hard for you to think with your wife’s dildo in your ass (ooh, I have to go back to my email drafts and add that part about you fucking yourself with her precious silicone cock!). You probably can’t even hear yourself think, let alone form a cohesive thought, over the sound of your own fucking moaning. Well, get use to laying on your back like a bitch and taking it up your ass while you’re dressed up in your wife’s lingerie, because you’ve blown through ten credit cards with me and you’re going to have to do SOMETHING if you’re going to keep feeding this addiction.

Oh, I also forgot to mention to your wife that I got you HOOKED ON COCAINE. All you other pitiful mother fuckers think I am joking- no, I’m not. I know everyone else is thinking “OH MY GOD, HOW COULD GOOD VIBES GIGI FUCKING GET SOMEONE ADDICTED TO THAT AWFUL DRUG?” but the answer is simple. . . no one ever really does anything they don’t *WANT* to do for some reason. Unless their hand is forced, but just to be perfectly clear, I NEVER FORCE ANYONE INTO BLACKMAIL. If you don’t want LEGITIMATE blackmail, you had better tell me RIGHT AWAY.

I mean, this guy, Nick, is getting so pathetic, he use to spend $500 dollars on me in one pop but now he’s begging me to bring down the cost of my threats and photos. PATHETIC. Did I mention that one of my top turns offs is MONEY PIGS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY. OF COURSE YOU ARE NOT ALL MONEY PIGS, I am not crazy, I know that some of you are just good guys who wants a little thrill in your life… and then there are those of you on SELF DESTRUCT. Which category do you think fits into? Hmm?


I just thought you’d like to know who your husband is cheating on you with. It’s me!
He’s spend THOUSANDS of dollars on Me. His (NF SERVICES) has over TEN credit cards on it. He’s sent me TONS of your pictures: SEXY photos that you took for him. He likes to draw cocks on them and write mean things about you. I have dozens of photos of him in your lingerie, pictures of your jewelry that he says he will steal from you for me, and even videos of him doing DISGUSTING things ‘for me.’ He says that when he runs out of his own money he will probably have to suck cock for me as a prostitute. I’ve only seen the slutty pictures of you in the trashy lingerie he buys for you but you are very pretty and you should know what a stupid bastard your husband is. Guys lie about things like this all the time, it’s part of the fantasy, but who knows, maybe you are real.


Mistress Gigi Lauren


Poor Laura!

11.12 Nick paid Me TWO MORE TIMES to put them up, and then take them down again.

11.13 Nick is dressing up in his wife’s lingerie. He’s COMPLETELY fucking run out of money and he is most likely going to have to start sucking cock to earn money to tribute Me from now on.

11.07.14 It’s her birthday but all her husband wanted to do was get a credit extension so he could charge more money on his wife’s credit card! She is tired in bed cause she is lazy and all she does is work. She doesn’t even fuck her husband any more! Poor Nick! He has to call his Mistress and do coke and BEG his Mistress to take her pics down when he’s not high anymore. Maybe you should email Laura to tell her you saw her pics and you want her to suck your dick like the whore she is! Just in case, here is her email: Of course, her husband knows that he has to send his Mistress hush money to get take her blog post down. But don’t worry, he wanted to be blackmailed, see, he’s been brainwashed by me. I don’t blackmail anyone who doesn’t ask for it. And believe Me, HE HAD IT COMING.


Slave XXX Is A Crossdressing FAGGOT

November, 1 2014

Sisssy SlaveUPDATE: Slave XXX has paid the loser fee and the photos of his face and body dressed in his wifes ‘sexy lingerie and his legal name have been removed from my site. Don’t let this scare you guys. If you are in to FANTASY blackmail, I can play at that too. But if you want the REAL DEAL (like I’ve actually been EMAILING with Slave XXX’s wife, she thinks I am a highschool admirer she doesn’t remember, talk about playing with fire!) then I AM YOUR GAL.

LOL Turns out Slave XXX’s not as exhibitionistic when he’s not high on blow.

October 29, 2014

Slave XXX is a fucking crossdresser who is PUSSY WHIPPED for his Mistress! This was his idea! He says he’s “Doing it for me,” but I never ever even mentioned that I was into crossdressing, maybe he was just reading my blog and decided he’d do something to please me. Whatever, a fag is a fag, no matter what the ‘reason.’  SLAVE XXX practically BEGGED me to put these photos up. In the end, he did end up asking, then following it up with a “And then you’re going to make me pay to take them down, aren’t you?” YUP SLAVE XXX. You got that right.


Ruining Himself For Me

Fewer things get Me as hot as a man who COMPLETELY fucks up his life for Me. Pretty soon this loser will run out of money and have to start trading sensitive personal information. He’s very, very close. ATMBOY


Ugly Camera Phone Pictures

Lately the trend is to post ugly camera phone pictures of yourself making a duck face as your primary bio photo so I did it the other day.  One of My favorite callers noticed and mentioned the ‘crazy’ picture of Me. It made Me laugh, I thought maybe it would attract callers who for some reason not yet been enticed to call Me but as far as I can tell it did not affect the frequency by which My phone rang.

I would HATE it if someone searched My name on google and found UGLY camera phone photos . . . I like having control over exactly what images you see of Me. I like that I choose lighting, a photographer, clothing, and time of day to produce exactly the image that I want. I’m a God damn dominatrix, I LIKE TO BE IN CONTROL. I need it. It’s My fetish.  But since you all are SO FUCKING INTRIGUED by My OH SO REAL photos, I’m posting the worst picture of Myself that I can tolerate looking at. It’s actually worse than the one that was up the other day as there is a plastic bag in My lap and I am being shot by someone who is not as tall as Me and who doesn’t know to elevate the camera above their line of sight. The photo is taken just a few hairs below My eyeline – not far enough below that it helps you imagine that you are underneath Me and looking up at Me (I HATE that angle because it makes it look like about eight feet tall which is why some of YOU GUYS like it so much) but just enough so that My face looks round. ACK!

This is me, in the backseat of a friend’s car being shuttled around San Francisco. Yeah, I sit there sometimes when I’m with friends – you know, My hot sexually available FemDom peers. Do you like how slightly puffy My face is? Does it really get you hot that I have a bag of scarves on My lap? Do you like that HOT corded sweater and that little sweatsuit top?  It was like 60 degrees outside but I was cold! Alright, that’s enough of that, I’ll be  resuming My behavior of posting only  super hot and sexy images, not pics of Me on the way home from a glamorous day out on Fisherman’s Warf.

Ugly Camera Phone Pictures

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