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Everyone KNOWS What A Fucking FAGGOT YOU ARE! Humiliation MP3

You think that you’ve been keeping your faggotry under wraps? Someone has got to punish your faggot holes, and who better than the men who thought they knew you? But that’s what you want isn’t it? To be exposed as a faggot queer? It’s getting your dick hard right now, isn’t it?

Well, buy yourself some maxi pads so that you can catch all the jizz that’s going to drip out of your hole. It’s time to expose your ass. 10:35


What A Boy Wants Lesson 2

Men want your hot wet mouth hole to jizz in because your mouth is always hot & wet & men want always to blow their loads. Men want to bend you over and assault your tight wet pussy asshole.

Be the girl that all the boys want. Be a fucked up, depraved cock slut. you’ll do anything for dick. Anything to please your man. Quit your life, just stay home and be a little fuck whore.

I’ll teach you how. This track is effective on a stand alone slut training track. Can also be used in conjunction with What A Boy Wants Lesson One. 21 earth shattering minutes

Sperm Hunter's Caged Cock

Faggot Sub Enters A Key Holding Arrangement With His FemDom, Mistress Gigi Lauren

One of My most devoted submissives has recently requested that I become his key holder. I have been a formal key holder only once before, and was excited by the prospect of completely controlling this man’s cock. His cock is no prize (by any measurement) but still, it is a lovely gesture. The key is still in it’s envelope and is sitting on my desk as I type this.

Now, this kind of servitude is very, very special. I would not agree to become just ANYONE’s Key Holder, but this fellow and I have gotten to know each other quite well via email and he has been a very big help to me by offering his skills and expertise and REALLY AND TRULY being of service to Me. As a dominatrix, I am OFTEN asked to be a man’s keyholder but the answer has only been, “Yes,” twice. Here are some photos Jerry sent Me. I’ll post more photos when I let him release for the first time.

Chastity of Mistress Gigi Lauren

A willing slave undergoes chastity in service of his Goddess.

Cuckold faggot slave services his Mistress with Chastity

Chastity for Dominatrix Mistress Gigi Lauren


Chastity Suckalot: Tricked Into Chastity And Forced Into Prostitution

“Awww… baby…. please try on this little chastity device… it really really turns me on.. you do want to turn me on, don’t you?” LOL! Once I have you where I want you (cock locked up) there is no winning or EVER BEING A MAN AGAIN for that matter! You’re going to be My COCK SUCKING SISSY FUCK SLUT FOREVER! 15 HUMILIATING minutes!