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Mistress Gigi's Financial Domination

Financial Domination & Humiliation Mp3 Game

You’re going to lube up that cock and play My little game. If you squirt and miss, you pay Me. If you squirt and ‘win’, you pay Me. Either way, I WIN and you lose. Every. Single. Time.  Serious debasement required.  10 minutes +

Sissy bound and forced to eat cum

Bound Sissy’s Cum Eating Transformation

Bound, teased, and strapon fucked by a group of devastatingly beautiful FemDoms including someone TOTALLY off limits…

until now…

Fetishes: strap-on fucking, forced cum eating, feminization and gender transformation. 20 + minutes

Femdom Mistress Strapon Training

Mistress Strapon Training: Worship and Devotional Brainwashing Audio

Learn to LOVE, CRAVE, LUST AFTER, NEED My Strapon Cock. You’ll become a greedy bitch bottom for My  dick. Fantastic conditioning for any submissive. 15 + minutes

Femdom Jerk Off Encouragement

FemDom Jerk Off Encouragement With Namecalling and Cum Countdown

you don’t actually need any encouragement to beat your fucking meat, BUT I want you to put on a REALLY GOOD FUCKING SHOW for Me! I order you to jerk off HARD AND FAST like the slut whore JO addict that you are. Lots of name calling  for being a JERK OFF JUNKIE. Can you even last sixteen minutes while I encourage you to BEAT for Me? Ends with a cum countdown! 17 minutes


Brutally Strapon Fucked for the 1st Time With A 16″ Dildo & Ordered to Eat Your Own Cum

you bought Me a little present! How sweet! It’s a strapon harness… And I decide to indulge My sadism a little by taking your anal virginity – inch by inch – and you KICKING AND SCREAMING. With cum countdown and cum eating instruction. 7:15 minutes

Femdom Humiliation Mp3s

Small Penis Humiliation Tease Track (For Mini Dicks Only)

Did other women tell you that your cock size was perfectly normal? Well, they were lying. It’s pathetic and I want to laugh at it… 6 minutes of total humiliation


FemDom Hypnosis

Your Love Belongs To Me

This track helps to reinforce the notion that your sense of self-worth and self-love are intrinsically connected to my approval  of you. It is my attention and validation that you crave. I see you. I make you real. A wonderful stand alone track or can be used in conjunction with “You Don’t Love Her Anymore” 20 minutes




FemDom Humiliation mp3s

JOI: Jerk Off, Anal, And Cum Eating Instruction


You’re going to jerk that dick off exactly as I order. You’ll be eating your cum and fucking your own ass with a finger too. Don’t expect to have an orgasm in my presence without explicit instruction on just how to handle that cock and balls.13 minutes



Small Dick Humiliation & Mind Fuck Hypnosis

This eight layer track will have you floating away on a cloud of humiliation and mind bending suggestion. Your cock will become rock hard as you feel yourself becoming more and more helpless and pathetic. Ruthless laughter, humiliating triggers and layer upon layer of masterful mind fuckery. 16 minutes

Call Mistress Gigi Lauren for fetish, domination, feminization, and BDSM phone sex sessions on


Date With A Dominatrix… Sadistic Mp3

FemDom Humiliation Mp3 Niteflirt PTV

FemDom Humiliation Mp3 Niteflirt PTV

You ask me to be your date to your sister’s wedding. I accept and decide it’s time for you to come out about the nature of our relationship. It’s not long before they all know what a pathetic little freak you are. It’s the day you’re outed as a slave. 14 minutes MP3

Femdom mp3 niteflirt

femdom mp3 niteflirt