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FemDom Hypnosis

Any Time Is A Good Time To Get Fucked. You Were Born to Bottom.

you MUST CHOKE ON THOSE DICKS. you NEED that jizz dripping out of your asshole. you MUST TAKE THIS HUGE LOAD. Open your ASSHOLE wide for dick. you NEED DOMINANT COCK. you LOVE it BAREBACK Themes: forced bi, blowjobs, rimming, anal bottom, humiliation, brainwashing, hypnosis


Ex-Girlfriend Blow Bang REVENGE

You and I made a little bet: the winner would make the loser DO ANYTHING he or she wanted. Ha, well, of course, you KNOW that I won… I’ve ALWAYS wanted to SKULL FUCK you with My STRAPON COCK. And you did suck it, for a few minutes… that is until My six BIG DICKED dude friends came creeping in the house.

And when the first HUGE COCK JIZZED in YOUR FACE, your own cock was ROCK HARD. There was no denying your faggot leaning ways to Me after that… and so you took EVERY fucking  ROPE after creamy ROPE of JIZZ I could fire at you. Fetishes: ex-gf, revenge, forced bi, humiliation, cock sucking, jizz, blow bangs

Femdom Humiliation Mp3s

SPH Husband: I Had NO IDEA Your Dick Was SO SMALL!

I was pretty naive about the fact that your dick was so small!: When I told my girlfriends about the size of your dick they couldn’t stop laughing! I’ve always been disappointed by your poor performance but I had no idea how PATHETICALLY SMALL your dick is or that a normal man would LAST MUCH LONGER than you do… They sat me down, and taught Me how to TAKE CHARGE. Now you’re going to cum WHEN, WHERE, and HOW I say you can cum! 7 minutes

Shemale FemDom gangbang

Female & Shemale Gangbang: 7 Perfect Babes Lure You Into FORCED ORAL & ROUGH & HUMILIATING STRAP ON SEX

I lure you into the bathroom at HOT SEXY SWEATY dance club by insinuating that you will be allowed to POUND MY PERFECT ASS… but THE TRUTH is that YOU will be BOUND and FORCED TO PERFORM ORAL ON SHEMALES, ASSAULTED with STRAPON COCKS while SEVEN FEMALE & SHEMALE BABES LAUGH AT YOU! 20 minutes

Femdom Forcedbi Revenge

Forced Bi Revenge: Screw Me Over and PREPARE TO BE FUCKED

I contracted you to do some work for me and you got a little greedy and WAY  overcharged me. I lead you on and when the job is over I invite you out to have a celebration drink at the local dive. The local GAY dive bar. You thought you were going to get to fuck Me… but all you got was FUCKED!  9 + minutes

Femdom Humiliation

FemDom Humiliation: For Jerk Off Junkie Queers To Listen To While They Watch Fag Porn

you’re addicted to FAG porn… and I’m going to laugh at your HOMO HABITS and your sad parody of heterosexuality WHILE you watch your fag porn! Ten minutes of pure femdom humiliation, laughing, teasing, and taunting for you to listen to as you jerk to images of faggots fucking other faggots. While this Mp3 is meant to be listened to while you watch your fag porn it can be used alone! 10 minutes


Brutally Strapon Fucked for the 1st Time With A 16″ Dildo & Ordered to Eat Your Own Cum

you bought Me a little present! How sweet! It’s a strapon harness… And I decide to indulge My sadism a little by taking your anal virginity – inch by inch – and you KICKING AND SCREAMING. With cum countdown and cum eating instruction. 7:15 minutes

Money Pig Blackmail Fetish

Email To His Wife: When A Pay Pig’s When Blackmail Fetish Fantasy Is No Longer A Fantasy

Money Pig Blackmail Fetish

Money Pig Blackmail Fetish

This guy, My ATM PIG has been letting me flirt with his wife posing as an old high school friend. Just to be clear, it was NOT my idea to blackmail him. I made it EXPLICITLY clear that I don’t do REAL BLACKMAIL. That would be immoral, unethical, and put me into some serious karmic debt. It’s what witches call the threefold law. Whatever you put out into the world, you get back, times three. It’s not literal, it doesn’t mean some big bad dominatrix is going to dominate me into spending thousands in cash. . . but maybe it will mean I’ll let my fantasies or passive agression get the best of me. I hope not. I hope it means that some brave soul will walk up and make my deepest, darkest fantasies come true. Good thing that my fantasies aren’t as fucking self-destructive as this fools. Okay, on to the good part:

Today I am going to send this letter (of course, unless he’s the pays the fine)

Pay the fee if you don’t want me to send this Nick. Oh, but you’re so fucked up, first you paid me to write it, then you paid me to send it, then you paid me not to send it and now you want to pay to hear me send it again. . . Am I screwing with your head much? Do you think? Oh,  I know it’s hard for you to think with your wife’s dildo in your ass (ooh, I have to go back to my email drafts and add that part about you fucking yourself with her precious silicone cock!). You probably can’t even hear yourself think, let alone form a cohesive thought, over the sound of your own fucking moaning. Well, get use to laying on your back like a bitch and taking it up your ass while you’re dressed up in your wife’s lingerie, because you’ve blown through ten credit cards with me and you’re going to have to do SOMETHING if you’re going to keep feeding this addiction.

Oh, I also forgot to mention to your wife that I got you HOOKED ON COCAINE. All you other pitiful mother fuckers think I am joking- no, I’m not. I know everyone else is thinking “OH MY GOD, HOW COULD GOOD VIBES GIGI FUCKING GET SOMEONE ADDICTED TO THAT AWFUL DRUG?” but the answer is simple. . . no one ever really does anything they don’t *WANT* to do for some reason. Unless their hand is forced, but just to be perfectly clear, I NEVER FORCE ANYONE INTO BLACKMAIL. If you don’t want LEGITIMATE blackmail, you had better tell me RIGHT AWAY.

I mean, this guy, Nick, is getting so pathetic, he use to spend $500 dollars on me in one pop but now he’s begging me to bring down the cost of my threats and photos. PATHETIC. Did I mention that one of my top turns offs is MONEY PIGS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY. OF COURSE YOU ARE NOT ALL MONEY PIGS, I am not crazy, I know that some of you are just good guys who wants a little thrill in your life… and then there are those of you on SELF DESTRUCT. Which category do you think fits into? Hmm?


I just thought you’d like to know who your husband is cheating on you with. It’s me!
He’s spend THOUSANDS of dollars on Me. His (NF SERVICES) has over TEN credit cards on it. He’s sent me TONS of your pictures: SEXY photos that you took for him. He likes to draw cocks on them and write mean things about you. I have dozens of photos of him in your lingerie, pictures of your jewelry that he says he will steal from you for me, and even videos of him doing DISGUSTING things ‘for me.’ He says that when he runs out of his own money he will probably have to suck cock for me as a prostitute. I’ve only seen the slutty pictures of you in the trashy lingerie he buys for you but you are very pretty and you should know what a stupid bastard your husband is. Guys lie about things like this all the time, it’s part of the fantasy, but who knows, maybe you are real.


Mistress Gigi Lauren

Femdom Humiliation Mp3s

Small Penis Humiliation Tease Track (For Mini Dicks Only)

Did other women tell you that your cock size was perfectly normal? Well, they were lying. It’s pathetic and I want to laugh at it… 6 minutes of total humiliation


Small Dick Humiliation & Mind Fuck Hypnosis

This eight layer track will have you floating away on a cloud of humiliation and mind bending suggestion. Your cock will become rock hard as you feel yourself becoming more and more helpless and pathetic. Ruthless laughter, humiliating triggers and layer upon layer of masterful mind fuckery. 16 minutes

Call Mistress Gigi Lauren for fetish, domination, feminization, and BDSM phone sex sessions on

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