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Surprise! Sissy Hormone Replacement Therapy!

You’re My boyfriend UNTIL I get a FABULOUS IDEA! To turn you into a girl! I decide to trade my dude in for a mincing sissy slut – all without your knowledge or consent of course!! After a couple months, you’ve got bouncy tits, thick juicy thigh, and  jiggly bubble butt.  And when I see that My plan has worked TEN TIMES BETTER THAN I HOPED I can’t stand to keep the hilarious secret to myself any longer I laugh and laugh as I  tell you all about what I did to you! I also tell you about the changes happening in your body and how I am going to start renting out that ass pussy when I put you to work as a call girl. 14 + minutes


Sissy Fuck Hole Barbie Bimboification Brainwashing

YOU: Pantied, plugged, fucked, cock sucking sissy bimbo. Me:  Controls your sissy clit with mocking, encouraging, loving sing song brainwashing & complex triggers  CERTAIN to turn you into My simpering Barbie bitch.  100 % FUCKED UP. No effects. 17 minutes Listen with headphones for extra audio treats.


Sissy Faggot for Big Black Dick

A sissy belongs on her knees with a black man’s spunk dribbling from her chin. Your hot white throat begs to be turned into a BBC cum depository. You want only to be a white sissy faggot fuck toy for a SUPERIOR man’s BBC. You want to be the most fuckable submissive sissy faggot you can be.

Your white sissy ass is about to be pummelled by BIG BLACK COCK. 20 minutes of PURE BRAINWASHING SISSY FAGGOT. 20 minutes Fetishes: BRAINWASHING, feminization, BBC, Cock sucking, emasculation, anal, sissy and submissive training


Fetishes: BRAINWASHING, feminization, BBC, Cock sucking, emasculation, anal, sissy and submissive training


The Sissy on Santa Monica Blvd.

you said you’d do ANYTHING to cum little sissy? You’ll be on your knees down on the boulevard, where all the hookers go to sell their wears. Any time of the day or night there’s always a whore to be found on the infamous Boulevard in Hollywood. A sissy’s clitty belongs locked away in a cage, but if you’re very good and make Me A LOT of money you’ll be able to cum… 8 minutes


This Mistress is NOT FINISHED RUINING Her FinDom Cash Slave ATM BOY

ATMBOY is late on all his bills, two mortgages behind, and had to cancel his trip to Aruba with his DARLING CUNT Wife, Laura. He even PAID ME to email Laura to tell her all about the MASSIVE DEBT that he’s wracked up being My FINDOM slave. That poor, pathetic cunt, Laura, didn’t even BELIEVE Me when I told her that her dear husband liked to dress up in her lingerie, wear and deface her high heels, drink his own urine (for Me, of course, NONE OF THESE WERE HIS IDEAS lol, yeah right) and a number of truly AWFUL things for Me.

She emailed Me back, asking Me to send her the damning pictures of him dressed up in her lingerie if I really had them but something told Me to hold off. I knew that Nick had charged up all his credit cards, took out cash advances, and very nearly wrecked his credit for Me. In less than three months he’s easily spent over $5,000 on Me.

Poor fucker sounded SO DEPRESSED when he called Me! HA HA HA well, guess who told Me he got a check for $1600 of refund money from the vacation he had to cancel?


Here are some pics! He’s going to beg Me tomorrow morning to take these down 🙂
Nick Lasala Laura Lasala 2

Nick Lasala Laura Lasala 1
Nick Lasalas Dick Belongs To Me


Slave XXX Is A Crossdressing FAGGOT

November, 1 2014

Sisssy SlaveUPDATE: Slave XXX has paid the loser fee and the photos of his face and body dressed in his wifes ‘sexy lingerie and his legal name have been removed from my site. Don’t let this scare you guys. If you are in to FANTASY blackmail, I can play at that too. But if you want the REAL DEAL (like I’ve actually been EMAILING with Slave XXX’s wife, she thinks I am a highschool admirer she doesn’t remember, talk about playing with fire!) then I AM YOUR GAL.

LOL Turns out Slave XXX’s not as exhibitionistic when he’s not high on blow.

October 29, 2014

Slave XXX is a fucking crossdresser who is PUSSY WHIPPED for his Mistress! This was his idea! He says he’s “Doing it for me,” but I never ever even mentioned that I was into crossdressing, maybe he was just reading my blog and decided he’d do something to please me. Whatever, a fag is a fag, no matter what the ‘reason.’  SLAVE XXX practically BEGGED me to put these photos up. In the end, he did end up asking, then following it up with a “And then you’re going to make me pay to take them down, aren’t you?” YUP SLAVE XXX. You got that right.

Sissy Feminization

BBC Office Sissy Gang Bang

I wanted to make a porno… of a sissy being mauled, bruised, pounded, gagged, and brutally fucked by at least a dozen bulls with BIG BLACK COCKS. I wanted to see BBC cream running out of her asshole, smeared across her lips, dripping down her face, and splashed across her hair and every surface of her freshly waxed body. So I placed two ads, bought a new camera, and made my movie. I hope you like it. 23 minute MP3.


Sissy Feminization

Feminizing Foot Massage: Forced Feminized By Your Vengeful FemDom Girlfriend

I come home from a hard day working as a masseuse at the spa to find you (my  unemployed cheating boyfriend) laying on the couch being a useless slob. I decide to give you a little foot massage and hypno treatment to turn you into a hypnotized obedient sissy maid slave. 21 minutes

Sissy Feminization

Sadistic Hypnotherapist Cures You Of Your Fear Of Women By Turning You Into One

You make an appointment with a sexy hypnotherapist in the hopes that she can help you overcome your feelings of inferiority around women… She does… by turning you into a sissified cock sucking offering to the REAL MEN in the world. 12 minutes


FemDom Hypnosis

Forced Feminization Hypnosis Become A Cock Sucking Emasculated Bitch

Deep triggers, haunting whispers and multi-layered subliminal messages will turn you into a depraved cum hungry cock sucking whore with an insatiable desire to be humiliated, pantied and fucked. 11 minutes


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