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Three tracks  to PENETRATE your brain, thoughts like: I’m a cum craving whore. I want to get throat fucked. Skullfuck my throat. I want to be throat fucked. I need it. I must have cum. I am just a little cumpster. I must have cum. Fill my mouth with jizz”. And commands: “Stay home and jerk off to sissy porn for hours. Stop wasting your time with real women. Don’t you want to try dick, at least once? I know you do.”

A quick induction and optional post hypnotic suggestion.  22:41 minutes of  NASTY SISSY AUDIO PORN. Fetishes: BDSM, cock sucking, feminization, anal, panties, hypnosis, brainwashing


Creamy Sissy Panties

You’re shrinking inside your panties sissy…you can’t help it, the more you touch that little sissy wee-wee the smaller it gets! Sissy porn has ruined your brain! You keep having OOPSIES! I didn’t know you had such a cute little peepee! That silly little sissy clitty can’t even get hard without thinking about panties anymore, can it? you’re going to cream your panties..

You can’t avoid squirting in your little panties. you’re going to have an accident. Fetishes: panties, hands-free orgasm, humiliation, feminization, mind fuck. 28:49 minutes


Cock Drunk & Full of Spunk: You’re Very Very Happy Sucking Dick Sissy

Pantied, plugged, and eating cum. You’d risk it all to get cock deep up your ass. You need your ass fucked, sissy. You leave the fucking to a real man. You need dick. Think about how good it will be to taste a real man’s load. Face it sissy, you need to be spread and bread.

A sissy just wants a man who can remind her of her place: on all fours and taking cock in her ass and mouth. 18 minutes Fetishes: brainwashing, hypnosis, feminization, cock sucking, cum dump, ass fucking, female domination.


Your Mouth Is For Fucking, Sissy Faggot

Your sissy cunt MUST BE DESTROYED by dick. It’s time your inner COCK HUNGRY CUM GUZZLER CAME out to play. Men can’t wait to JIZZ in your HOT WET MOUTH. Your know that every man who sees you wants to drop a hot creamy load in your mouth and it makes your cunt drip constantly. Your feminized ass eating sperm bank of a mouth will water as your sissy clitty squirts HARD for this track.

EXTREME MINDFUCK 21 minutes Fetishes: feminization, forcedfem, girl training, slut training, cock sucking, forced bi, cohered bi, ass eating & anal sex.


Sissies Were Made to Swallow: Sissies Were Built to be Ridden Bareback and Bred

Sissy porn has already begun to warp your brain: now it’s time to get out there and fill your belly and your ass with fresh, hot, creamy, ropes of jizz. . . It’s really very simple: That big hole in your ass, that’s your asscunt. That big hole in your face, is your face cunt. Sissies were built to swallow. Sissies were built to be ridden bareback and bred. You are property. You must submit. You must obey. Sissy. Slut. Cunt. Cum Dumpster. Whore. Slave. Property: Sissies like you don’t care what you’re called, as long as they’re feeding your hungry FACECUNT and ASSCUNT CUM.

Fetishes: brainwashing, hypnosis, anal, forced bi, oral, forced feminization and sub training. A single track hypnosis file. Length: 23:50 minutes

BBC forced on sissy by a FemDom bitch

Bareback Slut For BBC Semen: You Know What You Are, Sissy Bitch! Brainwashing Mp3

You don’t know why black cock gets you so voraciously horny and wet, or why is has you aching to be filled with sissy cream pies…maybe it’s because only  black cock can make you a cum sooooo hard!  What you do know, is that you have no choice, you just  get CUM DUM for BIG BLACK COCK! And you just CANNOT HELP BEING A SISSY BITCH, it’s just THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching a white boi reject masculinity to become a bitch in order to better serve black men. 19 minutes Fetishes: BBC, feminization, brainwashing, hypnosis


Surprise! Sissy Hormone Replacement Therapy!

You’re My boyfriend UNTIL I get a FABULOUS IDEA! To turn you into a girl! I decide to trade my dude in for a mincing sissy slut – all without your knowledge or consent of course!! After a couple months, you’ve got bouncy tits, thick juicy thigh, and  jiggly bubble butt.  And when I see that My plan has worked TEN TIMES BETTER THAN I HOPED I can’t stand to keep the hilarious secret to myself any longer I laugh and laugh as I  tell you all about what I did to you! I also tell you about the changes happening in your body and how I am going to start renting out that ass pussy when I put you to work as a call girl. 14 + minutes


Double Stuffed Sissy Training Part 2 BBC Edition

A sissy like you should service black men. In fact, you should service at least two at a time. I’ll teach you exactly how to do it.

Fetishes: Humiliation, feminization, BBC, SPH, forced bi, cock sucking instruction. 17 + minutes

Mistress Forced oral

You Have No Choice, You MUST SUCK COCK

The more you jerk, the more you think about rock hard cock cumming in your mouth, the more you think about hot erections erupting in your mouth, the more you must jerk.


The cycle never ends.

22 minutes. Two versions, one with effects and one without.

Sissy bound and forced to eat cum

Bound Sissy’s Cum Eating Transformation

Bound, teased, and strapon fucked by a group of devastatingly beautiful FemDoms including someone TOTALLY off limits…

until now…

Fetishes: strap-on fucking, forced cum eating, feminization and gender transformation. 20 + minutes

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