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Don’t Fight Your Nature, Sissy.

You’d be so much happier if you were licking, sucking, tonguing a huge Alpha cock while he groaned, so hard and dripping just for you. You’d be so much happier with cum dripping from your pink sissy mouth and your pink sissy asshole. You’d be so much happier spitting all over a rock hard COCK. Imagine how much happier you’d be getting pounded right now. Don’t fight what you need. You must have cock. You’d be so happy covered in cum. Don’t fight nature sissy, Give in. Fetishes: hypnosis, brainwashing, forced bi, sissification, feminization, cock sucking, anal sex, rimming 21 minutes 49 seconds

FemDom Hypnosis

Any Time Is A Good Time To Get Fucked. You Were Born to Bottom.

you MUST CHOKE ON THOSE DICKS. you NEED that jizz dripping out of your asshole. you MUST TAKE THIS HUGE LOAD. Open your ASSHOLE wide for dick. you NEED DOMINANT COCK. you LOVE it BAREBACK Themes: forced bi, blowjobs, rimming, anal bottom, humiliation, brainwashing, hypnosis


Ex-Girlfriend Blow Bang REVENGE

You and I made a little bet: the winner would make the loser DO ANYTHING he or she wanted. Ha, well, of course, you KNOW that I won… I’ve ALWAYS wanted to SKULL FUCK you with My STRAPON COCK. And you did suck it, for a few minutes… that is until My six BIG DICKED dude friends came creeping in the house.

And when the first HUGE COCK JIZZED in YOUR FACE, your own cock was ROCK HARD. There was no denying your faggot leaning ways to Me after that… and so you took EVERY fucking  ROPE after creamy ROPE of JIZZ I could fire at you. Fetishes: ex-gf, revenge, forced bi, humiliation, cock sucking, jizz, blow bangs


Bareback & Cocksucking Instruction for Sissies

Your blowjob or bareback skills are NOT UP TO PAR. You think all you have to do is WRAP YOUR LIPS around a NICE HARD COCK. You think all you have to do is BEND OVER, SPREAD YOUR LEGS, and wait for him to BURY HIS COCK INSIDE YOUR ASSPUSSY. Well, sissy, it’s a LOT more WORK than that. Do you know how to work your hips, legs, and ass so that you squeeze his dick so that you give him the BEST COCK MILKING he’s ever experienced? Do you know how to keep up with his rhythm or work against his thrusting? If you answered NO to any of these questions it’s time for some HARDCORE BLOWJOB and BAREBACK BOTTOMING INSTRUCTION. I’m going to train your HOT, WET LITTLE FACE HOLE to be an EXPERT COCK SUCKING MOUTH.

I’m going to train your ASSCUNT to be the best little CUM DUMP she can be. By the end of this lesson you’re going to know how to please men like a PRO. 18 minutes Fetishes: Humiliation, forced bi, cocksucking instruction, barebacking instruction


Your Purpose In Life Is To Milk Cock: So Get On Your Knees and Spread Those Cheeks WIDE OPEN

Faggot Betas serve one purpose: to be filthy cum guzzling fuck puppets for real men, for Alpha Men. You must drip from every orifice, your beta male ass should be bounced on a superior alpha man’s cock like a basketball. Your fuck holes should be sore from hours of serving as a cum depository. You’d better get use to dripping ijzz into your underwear 24/7: a constant reminder of what a nasty little cock gobbling bitch boy you really are. If it cums, your ass can milk it.

And YOUR ASS WILL MILK DICK. So bend over, open your mouth, spread your ass cheeks and get ready to be FUCKED! 18 minute MP3 + 6 photos of Me to worship and make you feel like less of a fag (If that’s what it takes) Fetishes: Forced Bi, cock sucking, ass fucking, brainwashing

*NOTE FOR HYPNO ENTHUSIASTS: This is not a hypnosis file but can be used as such by playing it after one of My hypno files


Your Mouth Is For Fucking, Sissy Faggot

Your sissy cunt MUST BE DESTROYED by dick. It’s time your inner COCK HUNGRY CUM GUZZLER CAME out to play. Men can’t wait to JIZZ in your HOT WET MOUTH. Your know that every man who sees you wants to drop a hot creamy load in your mouth and it makes your cunt drip constantly. Your feminized ass eating sperm bank of a mouth will water as your sissy clitty squirts HARD for this track.

EXTREME MINDFUCK 21 minutes Fetishes: feminization, forcedfem, girl training, slut training, cock sucking, forced bi, cohered bi, ass eating & anal sex.


Sissies Were Made to Swallow: Sissies Were Built to be Ridden Bareback and Bred

Sissy porn has already begun to warp your brain: now it’s time to get out there and fill your belly and your ass with fresh, hot, creamy, ropes of jizz. . . It’s really very simple: That big hole in your ass, that’s your asscunt. That big hole in your face, is your face cunt. Sissies were built to swallow. Sissies were built to be ridden bareback and bred. You are property. You must submit. You must obey. Sissy. Slut. Cunt. Cum Dumpster. Whore. Slave. Property: Sissies like you don’t care what you’re called, as long as they’re feeding your hungry FACECUNT and ASSCUNT CUM.

Fetishes: brainwashing, hypnosis, anal, forced bi, oral, forced feminization and sub training. A single track hypnosis file. Length: 23:50 minutes


Cock Is Your Drug: Feed Your Cock Addiction Sissy!

One taste of jizz and you’ll never get enough, sissy. You know it’s true. And you’re  going to slurp down every last drop of cum out of all these cocks… Get real sissy, you know that an empty head gets your mouth full quicker! The only reason you’re not worthless as a man, is that you’re a dirty cocksucking whore!  Dressing up makes you feel sexy. Feeling sexy makes you want cocks. Cocks make you want to please real men.

Real men make you want to be a girl. Becoming a girl makes you want to dress up. 18 minutes Fetishes: Forced Bi, Feminization, ass fucking, brain washing.

*NOTE: Although this is a single track non-hypno file, you may still use it for hypnosis by playing another one of my trance inducing hypno tracks before listening.


Double Stuffed Sissy Training Part 2 BBC Edition

A sissy like you should service black men. In fact, you should service at least two at a time. I’ll teach you exactly how to do it.

Fetishes: Humiliation, feminization, BBC, SPH, forced bi, cock sucking instruction. 17 + minutes

Mistress Forced oral

You Have No Choice, You MUST SUCK COCK

The more you jerk, the more you think about rock hard cock cumming in your mouth, the more you think about hot erections erupting in your mouth, the more you must jerk.


The cycle never ends.

22 minutes. Two versions, one with effects and one without.

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