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Creamy Sissy Panties

You’re shrinking inside your panties sissy…you can’t help it, the more you touch that little sissy wee-wee the smaller it gets! Sissy porn has ruined your brain! You keep having OOPSIES! I didn’t know you had such a cute little peepee! That silly little sissy clitty can’t even get hard without thinking about panties anymore, can it? you’re going to cream your panties..

You can’t avoid squirting in your little panties. you’re going to have an accident. Fetishes: panties, hands-free orgasm, humiliation, feminization, mind fuck. 28:49 minutes


Ex-Girlfriend Blow Bang REVENGE

You and I made a little bet: the winner would make the loser DO ANYTHING he or she wanted. Ha, well, of course, you KNOW that I won… I’ve ALWAYS wanted to SKULL FUCK you with My STRAPON COCK. And you did suck it, for a few minutes… that is until My six BIG DICKED dude friends came creeping in the house.

And when the first HUGE COCK JIZZED in YOUR FACE, your own cock was ROCK HARD. There was no denying your faggot leaning ways to Me after that… and so you took EVERY fucking  ROPE after creamy ROPE of JIZZ I could fire at you. Fetishes: ex-gf, revenge, forced bi, humiliation, cock sucking, jizz, blow bangs

Femdom Humiliation Mp3s

SPH Husband: I Had NO IDEA Your Dick Was SO SMALL!

I was pretty naive about the fact that your dick was so small!: When I told my girlfriends about the size of your dick they couldn’t stop laughing! I’ve always been disappointed by your poor performance but I had no idea how PATHETICALLY SMALL your dick is or that a normal man would LAST MUCH LONGER than you do… They sat me down, and taught Me how to TAKE CHARGE. Now you’re going to cum WHEN, WHERE, and HOW I say you can cum! 7 minutes


Double Stuffed Sissy Training Part 2 BBC Edition

A sissy like you should service black men. In fact, you should service at least two at a time. I’ll teach you exactly how to do it.

Fetishes: Humiliation, feminization, BBC, SPH, forced bi, cock sucking instruction. 17 + minutes

Shemale Blackmail

SHEMALE TROUBLE: Had A Few Too Many & A Pretty SHEMALE Makes You Her Personal COCKSUCKER

 You went out for a night of drinking and had a few too many… Which made you AN EASY TARGET for a HORNY SHEMALE who wanted a personal FUCKTOY to shoot her load into… But she’s generous and she shares… So she calls over all her TRANNY FRIENDS… and threatens you with blackmail. 12 minutes

Femdom Jerk Off Encouragement

FemDom Jerk Off Encouragement With Namecalling and Cum Countdown

you don’t actually need any encouragement to beat your fucking meat, BUT I want you to put on a REALLY GOOD FUCKING SHOW for Me! I order you to jerk off HARD AND FAST like the slut whore JO addict that you are. Lots of name calling  for being a JERK OFF JUNKIE. Can you even last sixteen minutes while I encourage you to BEAT for Me? Ends with a cum countdown! 17 minutes


This Mistress is NOT FINISHED RUINING Her FinDom Cash Slave ATM BOY

ATMBOY is late on all his bills, two mortgages behind, and had to cancel his trip to Aruba with his DARLING CUNT Wife, Laura. He even PAID ME to email Laura to tell her all about the MASSIVE DEBT that he’s wracked up being My FINDOM slave. That poor, pathetic cunt, Laura, didn’t even BELIEVE Me when I told her that her dear husband liked to dress up in her lingerie, wear and deface her high heels, drink his own urine (for Me, of course, NONE OF THESE WERE HIS IDEAS lol, yeah right) and a number of truly AWFUL things for Me.

She emailed Me back, asking Me to send her the damning pictures of him dressed up in her lingerie if I really had them but something told Me to hold off. I knew that Nick had charged up all his credit cards, took out cash advances, and very nearly wrecked his credit for Me. In less than three months he’s easily spent over $5,000 on Me.

Poor fucker sounded SO DEPRESSED when he called Me! HA HA HA well, guess who told Me he got a check for $1600 of refund money from the vacation he had to cancel?


Here are some pics! He’s going to beg Me tomorrow morning to take these down 🙂
Nick Lasala Laura Lasala 2

Nick Lasala Laura Lasala 1
Nick Lasalas Dick Belongs To Me


Chastity Suckalot: Tricked Into Chastity And Forced Into Prostitution

“Awww… baby…. please try on this little chastity device… it really really turns me on.. you do want to turn me on, don’t you?” LOL! Once I have you where I want you (cock locked up) there is no winning or EVER BEING A MAN AGAIN for that matter! You’re going to be My COCK SUCKING SISSY FUCK SLUT FOREVER! 15 HUMILIATING minutes!



This Dick Belongs To Me

Nick Lasalas Dick Belongs To Me


FinDom Mistress Gigi Lauren “Stole” Over $4,000 From Me And All I Got Was This Lousy E-card

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