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Big Black Cock BBC Mp3s

Slave To Big Black Cock 4: BBC Hypnosis

There is no escaping it.. you have no choice. You have no power. Deep subliminal triggers and binaural beat induce a deep state of bliss. Your cock will ache and your mouth will water as I program you to seek out the most animalistic and superior of cocks… the Black Bull. 12 + minutes mp3



Real Life Faggot Conversion Hypnosis: Complete Sexual Reprogramming Part 3

Trance inducing suggestions will have your cock leaping and twitching with desire for hot, hard, faggot fuck while triggers force you to think like a faggot. This audio may invoke subtle temporary changes in mannerism, thoughts, value judgements and desire. This is the next step in the hostile HOMOSEXUAL takeover of your mind. 20 + minutes .