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Mistress Forced oral

You Have No Choice, You MUST SUCK COCK

The more you jerk, the more you think about rock hard cock cumming in your mouth, the more you think about hot erections erupting in your mouth, the more you must jerk.


The cycle never ends.

22 minutes. Two versions, one with effects and one without.

Sissy bound and forced to eat cum

Bound Sissy’s Cum Eating Transformation

Bound, teased, and strapon fucked by a group of devastatingly beautiful FemDoms including someone TOTALLY off limits…

until now…

Fetishes: strap-on fucking, forced cum eating, feminization and gender transformation. 20 + minutes

BBC forced on sissy by a FemDom bitch

Get Cum Dumb For BIG Black Dick: Sissy Brainwashing

It’s time to begin your training at Sissy School.

Brainwashing you into becoming a bimbo sissy whore without a thought in her head is remarkably easy and fast. And then you are assaulted with a tantalizing array of visuals, suggestions, and subliminal triggers.

Fetishes: cock sucking, forced bi, BBC, panties and stockings, glory hole encouragement. 21 + minutes long

Femdom Forcedbi Revenge

Forced Bi Revenge: Screw Me Over and PREPARE TO BE FUCKED

I contracted you to do some work for me and you got a little greedy and WAY ¬†overcharged me. I lead you on and when the job is over I invite you out to have a celebration drink at the local dive. The local GAY dive bar. You thought you were going to get to fuck Me… but all you got was FUCKED! ¬†9 + minutes

Femdom Mistress Strapon Training

Mistress Strapon Training: Worship and Devotional Brainwashing Audio

Learn to LOVE, CRAVE, LUST AFTER, NEED My Strapon Cock. You’ll become a greedy bitch bottom for My ¬†dick. Fantastic conditioning for any submissive. 15 + minutes


Brutally Strapon Fucked for the 1st Time With A 16″ Dildo & Ordered to Eat Your Own Cum

you bought Me a little present! How sweet! It’s a strapon harness… And I decide to indulge My sadism a little by taking your anal virginity – inch by inch – and you KICKING AND SCREAMING. With cum countdown and cum eating instruction. 7:15 minutes

Sperm Hunter's Caged Cock

Faggot Sub Enters A Key Holding Arrangement With His FemDom, Mistress Gigi Lauren

One of My most devoted submissives has recently requested that I become his key holder. I have been a formal key holder only once before, and was excited by the prospect of completely controlling this man’s cock. His cock is no prize (by any measurement) but still, it is a lovely gesture. The key is still in it’s envelope and is sitting on my desk as I type this.

Now, this kind of servitude is very, very special. I would not agree to become just ANYONE’s Key Holder, but this fellow and I have gotten to know each other quite well via email and he has been a very big help to me by offering his skills and expertise and REALLY AND TRULY being of service to Me. As a dominatrix, I am OFTEN asked to be a man’s keyholder but the answer has only been, “Yes,” twice. Here are some photos Jerry sent Me. I’ll post more photos when I let him release for the first time.

Chastity of Mistress Gigi Lauren

A willing slave undergoes chastity in service of his Goddess.

Cuckold faggot slave services his Mistress with Chastity

Chastity for Dominatrix Mistress Gigi Lauren