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Surprise! Sissy Hormone Replacement Therapy!

You’re My boyfriend UNTIL I get a FABULOUS IDEA! To turn you into a girl! I decide to trade my dude in for a mincing sissy slut – all without your knowledge or consent of course!! After a couple months, you’ve got bouncy tits, thick juicy thigh, and  jiggly bubble butt.  And when I see that My plan has worked TEN TIMES BETTER THAN I HOPED I can’t stand to keep the hilarious secret to myself any longer I laugh and laugh as I  tell you all about what I did to you! I also tell you about the changes happening in your body and how I am going to start renting out that ass pussy when I put you to work as a call girl. 14 + minutes

Femdom Humiliation

FemDom Humiliation: For Jerk Off Junkie Queers To Listen To While They Watch Fag Porn

you’re addicted to FAG porn… and I’m going to laugh at your HOMO HABITS and your sad parody of heterosexuality WHILE you watch your fag porn! Ten minutes of pure femdom humiliation, laughing, teasing, and taunting for you to listen to as you jerk to images of faggots fucking other faggots. While this Mp3 is meant to be listened to while you watch your fag porn it can be used alone! 10 minutes


Sissy Faggot for Big Black Dick

A sissy belongs on her knees with a black man’s spunk dribbling from her chin. Your hot white throat begs to be turned into a BBC cum depository. You want only to be a white sissy faggot fuck toy for a SUPERIOR man’s BBC. You want to be the most fuckable submissive sissy faggot you can be.

Your white sissy ass is about to be pummelled by BIG BLACK COCK. 20 minutes of PURE BRAINWASHING SISSY FAGGOT. 20 minutes Fetishes: BRAINWASHING, feminization, BBC, Cock sucking, emasculation, anal, sissy and submissive training


Fetishes: BRAINWASHING, feminization, BBC, Cock sucking, emasculation, anal, sissy and submissive training


The Sissy on Santa Monica Blvd.

you said you’d do ANYTHING to cum little sissy? You’ll be on your knees down on the boulevard, where all the hookers go to sell their wears. Any time of the day or night there’s always a whore to be found on the infamous Boulevard in Hollywood. A sissy’s clitty belongs locked away in a cage, but if you’re very good and make Me A LOT of money you’ll be able to cum… 8 minutes


Your Mouth Is For Fucking: Let your Inner Cock Hungry cum Guzzler Out

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Let your inner cock hungry cum guzzler out. Men CANNOT WAIT to jizz in your hot wet mouth, your sissy cunt drips constantly with the knowledge that every man who sees you wishes to drop a hot creamy load in your mouth. Your feminized ass eating sperm bank of a mouth will water just as your sissy clitty squirts HARD for this track. your need your sissy cunt DESTROYED by dick….EXTREME MINDFUCK 21 minute FemDom Mp3 Fetishes: feminization, forcedfem, girl training, slut training, cock sucking, forced bi, cohered bi, ass eating & anal sex.


Goodie Bags Are Here, and I’m Happy To Have Help!

This week I hired an assistant to help Me on a temporary basis. About a month ago it was announced that Niteflirt would be launching a new project called “GoodieBags.” These are essentially Pay To View emails but the difference being that they are hosted on the Niteflirt website. Everyone knows I’m the Queen of the PTV, in fact, that’s typically about half of where My NF income stream comes in! I can create and create and create until My voice is raspy and My fingers are raw but I can’t do repetitive tasks that require a high attention to detail to save My life. My lovely assistant has been helping Me with making Goody Bags on My new Niteflirt Hosted Goody Bag Store! She’s wonderful and has totally saved My life from becoming a disorganized mess of administrative tasks! Now I can get back to what I love to do which is content creation!

With affectionate cruelty,

Mistress Gigi Lauren

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Sissy Feminization

Castrated Sissy Girl: FemDom ForcedFem Sissification Feminization

I’m with My girlfriend, Mistress Sarah, wants Her very own castrated Sissy Maid. So I take her out to a hotel bar where I catch you admiring all the frilly and feminine clothing the women are wearing. Sarah and I take you back to Her veterinary practice to castrate you and give you the makeover of a lifetime. 20 minutes


Femdom Humiliation Mp3s

Tranny WRECKED: I Discover Shemale Porn On Your Phone Decide To Run A Tranny Train On You Down At The Shemale Bar

It’s our second date. I snoop around on your phone while you’re in the bathroom and find tranny porn! I make you a few special drinks, take you to the tranny bar, and start recording it all on My phone…When you wake up the next morning with a raging boner I SHOW and TELL you all about it while I make you jerk to the humiliating comments on all the tube sites where I posted the vids! 23 minutes

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Make Mistress Rich Buying Sexy Sissy Crossdresser Clothes

Make Mistress Rich Buying Sexy Sissy Crossdresser Clothes