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Chastity Suckalot: Tricked Into Chastity And Forced Into Prostitution

“Awww… baby…. please try on this little chastity device… it really really turns me on.. you do want to turn me on, don’t you?” LOL! Once I have you where I want you (cock locked up) there is no winning or EVER BEING A MAN AGAIN for that matter! You’re going to be My COCK SUCKING SISSY FUCK SLUT FOREVER! 15 HUMILIATING minutes!


Sissy Feminization

Gigi Sissy Sorority

It’s your first year of college and you’re moving into your new frat house! Unfortunately for you, it has been discovered that you’re a panty wearing faggot… The bros don’t want to catch the faggot cooties from you just yet so they drag you out, publicly humiliate you and drop you off at the nearest sister sorority house! 20 + minutes

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