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Sissy’s BBC Gang Bang: A Sissy is Brutalized and Fucked By A Dozen Bulls & Their Big Black Cocks

I wanted to make a porno… of a sissy being mauled, bruised, pounded, gagged, and brutally fucked by at least a dozen bulls with BIG BLACK COCKS. I wanted to see BBC cream running out of her asshole, smeared across her lips, dripping down her face, and splashed across her hair and every surface of her freshly waxed body.

So I placed two ads, bought a new camera, and made my movie. I hope you like it. 23 minute MP3.


Bareback & Cocksucking Instruction for Sissies

Your blowjob or bareback skills are NOT UP TO PAR. You think all you have to do is WRAP YOUR LIPS around a NICE HARD COCK. You think all you have to do is BEND OVER, SPREAD YOUR LEGS, and wait for him to BURY HIS COCK INSIDE YOUR ASSPUSSY. Well, sissy, it’s a LOT more WORK than that. Do you know how to work your hips, legs, and ass so that you squeeze his dick so that you give him the BEST COCK MILKING he’s ever experienced? Do you know how to keep up with his rhythm or work against his thrusting? If you answered NO to any of these questions it’s time for some HARDCORE BLOWJOB and BAREBACK BOTTOMING INSTRUCTION. I’m going to train your HOT, WET LITTLE FACE HOLE to be an EXPERT COCK SUCKING MOUTH.

I’m going to train your ASSCUNT to be the best little CUM DUMP she can be. By the end of this lesson you’re going to know how to please men like a PRO. 18 minutes Fetishes: Humiliation, forced bi, cocksucking instruction, barebacking instruction


Your Mouth Is For Fucking, Sissy Faggot

Your sissy cunt MUST BE DESTROYED by dick. It’s time your inner COCK HUNGRY CUM GUZZLER CAME out to play. Men can’t wait to JIZZ in your HOT WET MOUTH. Your know that every man who sees you wants to drop a hot creamy load in your mouth and it makes your cunt drip constantly. Your feminized ass eating sperm bank of a mouth will water as your sissy clitty squirts HARD for this track.

EXTREME MINDFUCK 21 minutes Fetishes: feminization, forcedfem, girl training, slut training, cock sucking, forced bi, cohered bi, ass eating & anal sex.

Mistress Forced oral

You Have No Choice, You MUST SUCK COCK

The more you jerk, the more you think about rock hard cock cumming in your mouth, the more you think about hot erections erupting in your mouth, the more you must jerk.


The cycle never ends.

22 minutes. Two versions, one with effects and one without.

Sissy bound and forced to eat cum

Bound Sissy’s Cum Eating Transformation

Bound, teased, and strapon fucked by a group of devastatingly beautiful FemDoms including someone TOTALLY off limits…

until now…

Fetishes: strap-on fucking, forced cum eating, feminization and gender transformation. 20 + minutes

Femdom Jerk Off Encouragement

FemDom Jerk Off Encouragement With Namecalling and Cum Countdown

you don’t actually need any encouragement to beat your fucking meat, BUT I want you to put on a REALLY GOOD FUCKING SHOW for Me! I order you to jerk off HARD AND FAST like the slut whore JO addict that you are. Lots of name calling ¬†for being a JERK OFF JUNKIE. Can you even last sixteen minutes while I encourage you to BEAT for Me? Ends with a cum countdown! 17 minutes

FemDom Humiliation mp3s

JOI: Jerk Off, Anal, And Cum Eating Instruction


You’re going to jerk that dick off exactly as I order. You’ll be eating your cum and fucking your own ass with a finger too. Don’t expect to have an orgasm in my presence without explicit instruction on just how to handle that cock and balls.13 minutes


FemDom Hypnosis

Slave Training Hypno: Brainwashed And Programed For Oral Servitude

Powerful mind control delivered via sensual whispers, generous loops and long deep trackbacks. My rich and hypnotic voice will implant triggers all designed to transform you into the perfect mindless puppet. Post-hypnotic suggestion program you for inappropriate physiological responses days, weeks and months later. 21 minutes

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