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Sissy’s BBC Gang Bang: A Sissy is Brutalized and Fucked By A Dozen Bulls & Their Big Black Cocks

I wanted to make a porno… of a sissy being mauled, bruised, pounded, gagged, and brutally fucked by at least a dozen bulls with BIG BLACK COCKS. I wanted to see BBC cream running out of her asshole, smeared across her lips, dripping down her face, and splashed across her hair and every surface of her freshly waxed body.

So I placed two ads, bought a new camera, and made my movie. I hope you like it. 23 minute MP3.


SURRENDER TO GIRL COCK, SISSY (FeaturingTS Mistress Scarlett Hawthorne)

We know how weak you are, just let us take control, it’s time to explore your feminine side. It’s not your fault you were born a sissy and that you want big cocks to fuck your holes and fill your throat with cum.



Ex-Girlfriend Blow Bang REVENGE

You and I made a little bet: the winner would make the loser DO ANYTHING he or she wanted. Ha, well, of course, you KNOW that I won… I’ve ALWAYS wanted to SKULL FUCK you with My STRAPON COCK. And you did suck it, for a few minutes… that is until My six BIG DICKED dude friends came creeping in the house.

And when the first HUGE COCK JIZZED in YOUR FACE, your own cock was ROCK HARD. There was no denying your faggot leaning ways to Me after that… and so you took EVERY fucking  ROPE after creamy ROPE of JIZZ I could fire at you. Fetishes: ex-gf, revenge, forced bi, humiliation, cock sucking, jizz, blow bangs


Bareback & Cocksucking Instruction for Sissies

Your blowjob or bareback skills are NOT UP TO PAR. You think all you have to do is WRAP YOUR LIPS around a NICE HARD COCK. You think all you have to do is BEND OVER, SPREAD YOUR LEGS, and wait for him to BURY HIS COCK INSIDE YOUR ASSPUSSY. Well, sissy, it’s a LOT more WORK than that. Do you know how to work your hips, legs, and ass so that you squeeze his dick so that you give him the BEST COCK MILKING he’s ever experienced? Do you know how to keep up with his rhythm or work against his thrusting? If you answered NO to any of these questions it’s time for some HARDCORE BLOWJOB and BAREBACK BOTTOMING INSTRUCTION. I’m going to train your HOT, WET LITTLE FACE HOLE to be an EXPERT COCK SUCKING MOUTH.

I’m going to train your ASSCUNT to be the best little CUM DUMP she can be. By the end of this lesson you’re going to know how to please men like a PRO. 18 minutes Fetishes: Humiliation, forced bi, cocksucking instruction, barebacking instruction


Your Mouth Is For Fucking, Sissy Faggot

Your sissy cunt MUST BE DESTROYED by dick. It’s time your inner COCK HUNGRY CUM GUZZLER CAME out to play. Men can’t wait to JIZZ in your HOT WET MOUTH. Your know that every man who sees you wants to drop a hot creamy load in your mouth and it makes your cunt drip constantly. Your feminized ass eating sperm bank of a mouth will water as your sissy clitty squirts HARD for this track.

EXTREME MINDFUCK 21 minutes Fetishes: feminization, forcedfem, girl training, slut training, cock sucking, forced bi, cohered bi, ass eating & anal sex.


Sissy Triggers: Choke On That Cock Sissy, You’ll Never Be Happier Than When Your Face Is Drenched With Cum

You’re never happier than when your face is drenched in hot thick creamy ropes of cum! A sissy’s position in life is pinned down, with a FAT COCK DEEP IN HER ASS! ry drinking some cum, it makes you smile! Drop those panties, spread those ass cheeks, you need to be a girl, sissy, that’s what you really need!

Congratulations sissy, you’re a faggot! 22 minutes Fetishes: cock sucking, hypnosis, brainwashing, feminization, ass fucking, sexual slavery


Chastity Suckalot: Tricked Into Chastity And Forced Into Prostitution

“Awww… baby…. please try on this little chastity device… it really really turns me on.. you do want to turn me on, don’t you?” LOL! Once I have you where I want you (cock locked up) there is no winning or EVER BEING A MAN AGAIN for that matter! You’re going to be My COCK SUCKING SISSY FUCK SLUT FOREVER! 15 HUMILIATING minutes!



Custom Fetish Porn: A Choose Your Own Adventure MP3 Story Game

Here’s How The Game Works: You read My story prompt and respond with the next portion of the story with as little or as much detail as you’d like. I pick up where you left off and write a custom five minute mp3 response.

After months of looking at My real time domination ads online you get up the nerve to call Me… The first few times you call you spend all day at work planning what you will say. You feel foolish, your hands sweat, you feel dizzy, your armpits begin to smell through your clothes and your stomach does somersaults… You feel like an inexperienced school boy again and again… You know you want to do this but you are afraid as you ask yourself, “What doors will this open?” You want with all your heart and your groin to pursue this dark kinky deviant part of yourself that is strangely incongruent with the rest of your life… You wish desperately to let this strange malformed piece piece of you out into the light to play but your desire brings you shame and guilt.
The first few times you call Me you hang up after I answer, and the second time you can hardly speak so I tease you before you can utter a greeting.

“This is Mistress Gigi Lauren… Hello? Hello? What are you afraid of the big bad wolf?” It’s my standard greeting for pathetic schmucks who freeze up when they call… the 4th time you call you manage to squeeze a response.

“Hi… I’m a bit of a novice.. I mean I’ve played a bit online but I need training… I need guidance from someone in the lifestyle. I’m a little bit embarrassed to tell you about the session that I want to do. It’s pretty embarrassing and I’ve never told anyone.”

You can hear Me smiling and the amusement in My voice when I reply, “I’ve heard of every single dark and grotesque thing you can imagine. You must believe me when I say I have ‘No Taboos'”. Meaning that between you and I, two consenting adults, no fantasy you can ever tell me about will disturb me or cause an ill reaction.”

You try to speak but your throat is dry and you let out a desperate croak. You’re not sure where to begin. I begin talking again, it sounds like a canned response, but you don’t care and you’re relieved that I seem so open minded and playful.

I continue my little sermon and the knot in your stomach begins to subside and your shoulders relax. I clear my throat and begin again.
“I assure you that I delight in raunch and perversion. Things that make My pussy wet would cause others, even kinky people, to feel ill… Believe Me that when I tell you that even if your fantasies are illegal in real life, we can make them true or almost true in fantasy… So tell Me… What do you fantasize about? What are we going to play when you step through My dungeon door?”


Slave Raped With Strapon Cock, Feminized And Transformed Into Sissy Maid Bimbo

I love to turn men into depraved sissy maid fuck-dolls. As soon as you reach my home you’re bound, waxed, made up and transformed into the frilly feminine sissy maid bimbo I require. Mistress locks you into a frilly Victorian sissy collar and high heels. After your chores are done you’re raped with my strapon cock. 20 + minutes
Call Mistress Gigi Lauren for fetish, domination, feminization, and BDSM phone sex sessions on

Sissy Feminization Fashion

Sissy Feminization Fashion

FemDom Hypnosis

This Cock Belongs To Me: Hypnotized And Forced To Surrender Control Of Cock

We don’t give a gift only to refer to it as our own property. When I take control of your cock I mean it. It ceases to become ‘your cock’ and becomes My cock. Eight layers of deep hypno inducing tracks. you’ll quickly discover what it means to be My property. Over forty minutes of stroking My cock. If you last that long…

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