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Femdom Jerk Off Encouragement

FemDom Jerk Off Encouragement With Namecalling and Cum Countdown

you don’t actually need any encouragement to beat your fucking meat, BUT I want you to put on a REALLY GOOD FUCKING SHOW for Me! I order you to jerk off HARD AND FAST like the slut whore JO addict that you are. Lots of name calling ¬†for being a JERK OFF JUNKIE. Can you even last sixteen minutes while I encourage you to BEAT for Me? Ends with a cum countdown! 17 minutes


Custom Fetish Porn: A Choose Your Own Adventure MP3 Story Game

Here’s How The Game Works: You read My story prompt and respond with the next portion of the story with as little or as much detail as you’d like. I pick up where you left off and write a custom five minute mp3 response.

After months of looking at My real time domination ads online you get up the nerve to call Me… The first few times you call you spend all day at work planning what you will say. You feel foolish, your hands sweat, you feel dizzy, your armpits begin to smell through your clothes and your stomach does somersaults… You feel like an inexperienced school boy again and again… You know you want to do this but you are afraid as you ask yourself, “What doors will this open?” You want with all your heart and your groin to pursue this dark kinky deviant part of yourself that is strangely incongruent with the rest of your life… You wish desperately to let this strange malformed piece piece of you out into the light to play but your desire brings you shame and guilt.
The first few times you call Me you hang up after I answer, and the second time you can hardly speak so I tease you before you can utter a greeting.

“This is Mistress Gigi Lauren… Hello? Hello? What are you afraid of the big bad wolf?” It’s my standard greeting for pathetic schmucks who freeze up when they call… the 4th time you call you manage to squeeze a response.

“Hi… I’m a bit of a novice.. I mean I’ve played a bit online but I need training… I need guidance from someone in the lifestyle. I’m a little bit embarrassed to tell you about the session that I want to do. It’s pretty embarrassing and I’ve never told anyone.”

You can hear Me smiling and the amusement in My voice when I reply, “I’ve heard of every single dark and grotesque thing you can imagine. You must believe me when I say I have ‘No Taboos'”. Meaning that between you and I, two consenting adults, no fantasy you can ever tell me about will disturb me or cause an ill reaction.”

You try to speak but your throat is dry and you let out a desperate croak. You’re not sure where to begin. I begin talking again, it sounds like a canned response, but you don’t care and you’re relieved that I seem so open minded and playful.

I continue my little sermon and the knot in your stomach begins to subside and your shoulders relax. I clear my throat and begin again.
“I assure you that I delight in raunch and perversion. Things that make My pussy wet would cause others, even kinky people, to feel ill… Believe Me that when I tell you that even if your fantasies are illegal in real life, we can make them true or almost true in fantasy… So tell Me… What do you fantasize about? What are we going to play when you step through My dungeon door?”


Lolita Lollipop Set 1 (16 High Res Magazine Quality Images)

I tongue a lollipop as I tease My slave photographer by showing him my pert pretty pink brown tits and tight swollen little pussy. I want him to lose control, beg to blow his load, and do anything to please me… I finger fuck my gorgeous wet hole and rub my clit while I laugh watching the man behind the camera’s willpower crumble. 16 photos 

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Vixen Video: Cock Tease Fucks Her Hole, Frigs Her Clit, & Fucks & Sucks Dildo Like A Dick 10 mins

 I got so horny at my cameraman’s beach house I couldn’t help but perform. I slip off my mini skirt and blouse and start fucking my tight, pink, wet little pussy with my fingers and my favorite silver vibe until I explode into a mind numbing orgasm. Ten minutes. Super high quality Mpeg! Great lighting and shot by an expert.